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  Welcome back to another great school year!  It’s good to see your
friends you haven’t seen all summer long, isn’t it?   After the
summer’s rest, it’s time to get in the mode to learn alot.  Hopefully
you’ve set some goals for this year like getting your assignments
done every day, going to bed on time, eating a good breakfast, just
to name a few.  Don’t forget to make a new friend if there’s some-
one new in your class!
 September is the month that Michigan changes.  If you look around
you, you will see the leaves beginning to change color and that’s a
beautiful sight!  The nights are starting to get cooler also.  One of
the best things about Michigan is the seasons.  Many states don’t
have such dramatic changes in the way they look - we’re very lucky
 We hope you enjoy your new school year of learning.  Take the time
to read a good book and Kids’ World News!