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There is so much to like about October!  First of all, it’s one of the most
colorful months in Michigan.  Just look outside to see the trees turning brilliant
shades of orange, red, purple, yellow and brown.  It’s a great month to visit
apple orchards and pick your own apples, run through a corn maze or take a
wagon ride through a pumpkin patch.  Did you know that a pumpkin with a
carved face and a candle or light inside is called a Jack-O-Lantern?
That brings us to Halloween!  The one night of the year kids can dress up
and get free candy!  Pretty cool!  If you go trick or treating or to a Halloween
Party, planning what you are going to wear for a costume is half of the fun!  Is
your costume going to be funny, spooky, or surprising?  
Make sure you practice safety when you’re going out and that a responsible
adult is with you at all times with a cell phone.  Be polite and say thank you for
your treat.  Also have your parents check your candy BEFORE you eat it when
you get home.  Keep only the treats that are unopened with wrappers that
aren’t torn or have holes in them.  Most of all - never go into a stranger’s home
or get into a stranger’s car.  Carry a flashlight, or glow stick so you are more
visible to cars.  In other words, use caution and safety while your’re out having
fun.  Halloween can be a fun time for all!
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